About Us

An iAMMI Girl” dreams big, works hard and plays even harder. Whether real or imagined, she’s a world traveler and adventure seeker who has stumbled upon the most amazing find ever … she’s discovered her true self, her own style and fully owns the power of that discovery in her unique way. There’s nothing she can’t do, and she knows it.

In 2010, founder Deaven Reese started a Style.ly store under the name ‘ShopWithDeaveny’ selling a high value, low cost selection of vintage and new pieces. In just a couple years, the online following had grown to more than 31,000 and the demand for an exclusive online boutique was overwhelming.

Deaven answered the call with ShopiAMMI.com, a rapidly growing go-to source for international style. The boutique offers both new and vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Who shops iAMMI?

This online shopping experience is for the woman of any age who dances to the beat of her own drum. She knows herself and her style better than anyone. She’s wildly confident and has tapped into the power that comes with self-awareness. She doesn’t just shop brands, she spots a look that speaks to her. She doesn’t care if it costs a million bucks or a few pennies, she cares how she feels when she puts it on. The statement she wants to make when she walks in a room is … take it or leave it, I-AM-Mi!

Shop iAMMI buyers search the world over for pieces you won't find anywhere else—from vintage boutiques to runways—there’s something for everyone.

Because an iAMMI Girl likes to keep it simple, we’ve made our online boutique easy to navigate. Check out what’s old, what’s new, and what others will want to borrow in every hue. Read our blog for interviews and special features, chat with us on Facebook or Twitter, or just hang out to be inspired.

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What’s in a Name?

In case you’re wondering, the name iAMMI is a play on the words “I Am Me,” symbolizing the freedom to be yourself, own your brand and the power of self-discovery. Pronounced [I-am-i] with the same articulation as the city Miami, we also don’t mind if the fresh, free, fun-in-the sun sexiness and modernistic style of Miami Beach comes to mind when you think of us. So, when you visit the site, we encourage two things – be you and have fun!

About Founder, Deaveny Reese    

A commercial and print model on and off since the age of 7, Deaveny Reese embraced her passion for hair and fashion early on.

With a national print ad for Kmart and local commercials under her belt by the age of 16, there was nothing left to accomplish except hands on retail experience. Deaveny spent her last two years of high school honing her retail and styling skills at Man Alive, an urban clothing retail chain, where she became sought after for her styling talent and was fast track promoted to store manager.

In the past nearly decade, Deaveny has found success in an urban modeling and acting career, with print ad work, commercials, music video appearances and movie cameos. She has also worked as a stand in on BET (Black Entertainment Television) programming and worked behind the scenes on the network to gain valuable styling experience.

Today, what started as a hobby of finding great fashion deals for friends has helped lead Deaveny Reese back to her first love – fashion – and realize the dream of one day owning her own boutique. Her dream of bringing eclectic worlds of fashion together and made accessible to everyone has become a reality with the 2012 launch of Shopiammi.com, an exclusive online clothing, shoes and accessories boutique.