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This Week's Celeb Inspo- January 29, 2015

Slow fashion week...where is everybody? Rihanna, Kim K, Rita, Amber, Solo??  I need some inspiration. I'm the type to Google one of my fashion faves when I can't figure out what to wear. My favorite place to look for inspiration is magazines, though. You can find so many ideas and stay about a season ahead of everyone. 

Let's get to the clothes.

I'm obsessed. Yes, I love Kim Kardashian. Give credit where credit is due. I love how she wears pieces or looks that are wearable street wear. I can wear a Kim K look out on the town without looking...

What to wear?!? WHAT TO WEAR?! First Date Looks

OK, so you saw the cutie from across the room. You laughed, flipped your hair and continued talking with your girls until he approached you. You guys exchanged numbers. After a few calls and lots of texts, you're ready for your first date. I do not want to sound like an expert on this topic for several reasons ;) but I know great first date looks. You want to look great without looking like you put in too much effort. Always get manis, pedis and anything with your hair the day before. Too fresh = too pressed. It's never about...

What Can we Expect from Spring

The best thing about fashion is it always repeats itself and that's perfect for a vintage loving iAMMI chic chick. What are some trends you're looking for this spring? What are some looks you hope to continue from 2014? Which ones you hope die? It's all fair in love and fashion!

Tuck in your shirt! No longer something yelled at your little brother before church. BIG TREND ALERT: Button down shirts with short shorts and skirts. I would go for a loose fit with the shirt. Especially, if you're going for the effortless cool look that has been dominating runways...

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