What Can we Expect from Spring

The best thing about fashion is it always repeats itself and that's perfect for a vintage loving iAMMI chic chick. What are some trends you're looking for this spring? What are some looks you hope to continue from 2014? Which ones you hope die? It's all fair in love and fashion!

Tuck in your shirt! No longer something yelled at your little brother before church. BIG TREND ALERT: Button down shirts with short shorts and skirts. I would go for a loose fit with the shirt. Especially, if you're going for the effortless cool look that has been dominating runways and fashion blogs.


Retro Summer



Don't get boring with your shirts either! 





iAMMI has plenty of vintage items that will complete these looks.

Yellow high waist iAMMI pleaded skirt

Ashley Morgan Blue & Floral Longsleeve Blouse (Size-M)

High waist vintage light folded shorts 4-5 S-M

 Time to make room for cool new spring looks from iAMMI!!

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