What to wear?!? WHAT TO WEAR?! First Date Looks

OK, so you saw the cutie from across the room. You laughed, flipped your hair and continued talking with your girls until he approached you. You guys exchanged numbers. After a few calls and lots of texts, you're ready for your first date. I do not want to sound like an expert on this topic for several reasons ;) but I know great first date looks. You want to look great without looking like you put in too much effort. Always get manis, pedis and anything with your hair the day before. Too fresh = too pressed. It's never about that.

First matter of business is finding out what you guys are doing then you can pick a look from there. Don't be the girl who shows up for a bowling date in heels with no socks. 

I'm going to pick three scenarios and create a look for each using iAMMI fashions.

Daytime date- Parks, picnics, day excursions or sporting events

You want to look fun, relaxed but always chic. I usually go for denim. Shorts or jeans make for a "I'm up for anything" look. Polish the look with blazer, accessories (maybe a cool hat) and light natural make up.

First They Laugh Then Copy Tee

Remember to tuck this in!

Jones New york Signature Blue Top (small)

Gap Boot Cut Regular Cut Off (Size 2)

Sandals, SNEAKERS, flats or boots to complete this look.

Night time- The Dinner Date

If you know you're getting door to door service and reservations have been made, it's time to wow. If not, hopefully you still have time to cancel! I kid, i kid. Match your date's effort. 

I believe in a great first date dress. A great first date dress fits you like a glove. It highlights one of your best features.  It's the one that gets your date all flustered. Sexy but not nightclub sexy. We wanna give a preview not the show. 

Color block golden iAMMI Midi/Mini Dress

Lennie Double Breasted White Blazer Dress (Size-m/l)

Red iAMMI Fringe Body Dress


Lastly, The surprise date.

Your date is determined to surprise you and won't give any clues (annoying!). We're playing along, this time. Great pair of denim jeans, blouse, blazer and heels. You'll need heels to be your dressed up factor.

Sag Harbor Pink Blazer (Size-14) (V)

Don't Worry Be Yonce Tshirt

Cream Lace fall blouse


Jordache Jean Pants (Size-10) (V)

I don't claim to be an expert but I've made a few jaw dropping appearances and always had the option of a second date. 

Shop these looks and more at shopiammi.com!

xx (kiss,kiss),


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